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Rolex Replica Watches

Rolex Replica Watches Black Seal Logo and Rolex Replica Watches Logo are both great value. These watches are simple and straightforward with the classic cushion-case design, wire lugs,Replica Rolex Watches iconic dial and the P.6000 movement.

The New California Dial Luminor 8 Day Deal

Half Roman numerals (10 to 2) and half Arabic numerals (4 to 8) make up the California dial. These half-and-half dials are believed to have their origins in prototypes. This allowed salespeople to show customers which version they preferred by covering the other half of the dial.

There are many theories about where the "California Dial" name came from. One theory suggests that California dealers used to sell lots of watches with this dial configuration. Another theory is that a California dial refinisher worked on many half-and-half dials. Regardless of origin story, it is obvious that "California' dials are very cool.

"California" dials were previously only available in Rolex Replica Watches cases. This is the Rolex Replica Watches Luminor's first watch with a "California" dial.rotonde de cartier replica The watch's case is made of 44mm titanium and coated with DLC. It has a matt-anthracite finish. It is powered by an in-house hand-wound P.5000 calibre. The watch boasts an 8-day power reserve. The watch comes with a comfortable and cool cuff strap.